Project Canada:  Canadian Churches & Their Pipe Organs Past & Present


  • GOAL:  -Document the history of all Canadian Churches and their pipe organ(s) of the past and present


  • WHY:  -With churches closing their doors, it is important that the history of these churches and their pipe(s) not be lost
    -To complete a very important part of Our Canadian Heritage before it is lost for ever


  • YOUR CO-OPERATION & HELP IS NEEDED:  TO provide information for the preparation of a history of your
    church and pipe organ(s) past & present


  • HOW:  SOMEONE have access to your church and church archives in order too develop a comprehensive history in writing and picture format which will then be transferred to a CD for the library and your church’s archives


  • RESEARCH:  -Organ builders files, cities, provincial, federal libraries / archives, private collections, organ magazines / periodicals, newspapers and
    any other sources that come to light


  • WANTED:  -Originals, copies / reproductions past and present of the complete information from the organ file(s); photos exterior & interior of the church;
    console (details); pipe façade(s); organ chamber(s); contracts; history; specifications; dedications booklets; recital programs, church anniversary
    book(s); of organists & dates


  • COST:   There is “no charge” to your church for participating in this project, “all expenses” are “absorbed” by the library
    & archives



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