Holy Rosary Cathedral

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Karn-Warren 1900

Casavant Rebuilt 2000


OrganWELCOME to the Vineer Organ Library & Archives new web site!  Over the next several weeks and months our web site will continue to grow with new information and new features added on a regularly bases.  The library and archives founded in 1967, now 43 years old, holds over 800 books; 5,000 plus journals and magazines; 1,500 CDs; 1,800 LPs; 100 plus VHS tapes and DVDs and approximately 12,000 hard-copy files, all related to the Organ!


We have books on history; organ builders; installations; churches; organists; opus listings; reference on buying a new pipe organ or rebuilding your present instrument, fund raising, registration.  If you love the theatre organ or the old fashion reed organ we have books for you.  Our media sections houses 78s, LPs, CDs, Videos, DVDs, etc; if you are interested in research we have magazines, periodicals and journal from around the world. Some of these are complete and others we are looking forward to have completed in the near future.

The library & archives have a few projects, you can check these out by clicking on the button called projects. These projects are explained in detail of what we are trying to do in order to preserve the History of Our Country, now and for generations to come.  One of the projects called Project Canada:  Canadian churches and their pipe organs past and present has over 6,000 files!

CHECK out the photo page to have a look at the library & archives collection of forty three (43) years.

PLEASE any mistakes / errors please advise in order that the corrections can be made as soon as possible – this would be very much appreciated. We trust that you will enjoy your visit to our new web site, please visit often something new will be found.  ENJOY!

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