St. Matthew's United Church

Halifax, NS, Canada

Casavant Opus 906, 1921

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The Vineer Organ Library & Archives founded in 1967 is the place to visit!  A reference source of books, magazines, periodicals, all types of media recordings and organ builders pertaining to the art of organ building and organ performance in North American & beyond – Past, Present and Future!  For organists, teachers, students, churches, organ builders and those who are interested in the organ!  


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The Vineer Organ Library & Archives are “NON-PROFIT – WITH NO OUTSIDE FUNDING”, as we built this web site you will see that certain items are missing and are needed to complete certain sections of the library & archives, eg when one looks at the section on magazines, periodicals and convention books, first they are divided by country, then what journals are housed in the collection, what we have / what we do not have and are needed to complete certain magazines.


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